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Pauper Meta Report - Final Week of August 2023

  Pauper Brews Table of Contents Wilds of Eldraine Spoilers Aftermath The complete set is already revealed, and as usual, I did a video with what I think are the cards that are likely to see more impact in the meta. I'm very excited about three cards, specifically: Warehouse Tabby is a great build-around in a deck that wants to send enchantments to the graveyard from the battlefield. I already have a brew in mind, so stay tuned in the upcoming weeks. Stormkeld Prowler is very hyped in terror decks. Still, eight slots are already dedicated to Tolarian Terror and Cryptic Serpent. Two extra possible to run two Gurmag Anglers, and then it becomes a preference of whether you run four of Fallaj Archeologist, Augur of Bolas, Delver Secrets, Murmuring Mystic, or this new card not to screw your instant and sorcery count. Troublemaker Ouphe is an excellent addition for green decks that want to exile artifacts and put a body into the battlefield. Masked Vandal is