TOP MTGO Challenge Players in 2024

​ Pauper Challenges are events within Magic Online's Challenges that occur at a fixed time at the end of each week. Thanks to Daybreak's latest update, results are submitted once these events are finished. Today, I will go over the most profitable Challenge players as of 4/16/2024 data for 2024. One important note is that players usually split the finals, so for this article’s purpose, I will highlight the players with both first and second-place finishes combined. Hamuda ​ It is no surprise that he is at the top of this list. I’ve known Hamuda for a very long time, and his decision-making process is excellent. Whenever I want to master a deck, he is the guy I want to go and watch. In 2024, he has achieved large success with Goblins, most commonly known as Moggwarts, a deck that aims to combo your opponents with Kirk Prospector, Putrid Goblin, and First Day of Class. This deck is one of his favorites, and I’ve been seeing him win multiple challenges with it since forev

Top 10 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Cards for MT Pauper

​ Outlaws of Thunder Junction (OTJ) is around the corner, and Today, I have listed the top 10 common cards from it that could see play in Pauper. Table of Contents When is Outlaws of Thunder Junction release date? Outlaws of Thunder Junction is a set designed with a Wild West theme. This new set will be globally released on April 19th, 2024. What are the new Mechanics of OTJ? This set will introduce three new mechanics to the game: Saddle Spree Plot Saddle ​ Saddle is a new keyword ability that is basically like Vehicles for creatures. When you Saddle a creature, you will get a bonus based on the card with it. Is it Pauper playable, you may wonder? Probably not, as neither is Crew, and creatures are easier to remove than artifacts anyway. Spree ​ Spree is the second keyword introduced in the set found on instants and sorceries. It grants instants and sorceries modality in a very similar way to escalate. As for Pauper Goes, some cards have it, like Ph