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Pauper Meta Report - How Strong is Sticker Goblin?

Table of Contents   How Strong is Sticker Goblin? Last week, finally, _____Goblin or as often it's called “Sticker Goblin,” was legal in MTGO Pauper. Of course, people have started to play around with it, but before we dive into the topic in-depth, let's take a few steps back and analyze something:  It’s never a problem until it hits online. I remember that initiative was released and took a while to get implemented into the Online client. I am talking of at least a couple of months, a timeframe where players on paper had more than enough to test it and prove that it was too good for the format, but no one said anything other than we want it online. Petitions were heard, and It only took one week, even a couple of days after it was declared officially too strong. Later, almost every card with initiative got  banned . Now, we are in a similar situation where we are seeing crazy things happening with the implementation of the Sticker Goblin online: some are h

Pauper Meta Report - Second week of September 2023

  Pauper Current Best Decks Table of Contents Last week in Pauper was like many others, as there were no relevant changes in the online metagame, and I didn’t catch any relevant tournaments in Paper that I could look at. In its majority, the events I follow that I can get my hands on lists are Brazilian Online Events, Leagues, and Weekend Challenges due to how easier it is to track data in the platform. With that In mind, here are the top 3 decks in the Pauper meta based on my perception and just by looking at the results. #3. Golgari Gardens This is like the dark horse or anti-meta deck of the format that is a direct response to beat the top treats of the format. Something in particular about the current metagame is that control decks are almost absent. I bring this up because these decks are the only bad matchups Golgari Gardens with 14 to 16 removals main deck may have.If you pair it against, lets say, Tron Ephemerate, this deck will struggle a lot to win due

Pauper Meta Report - The current State of Pauper is Curious

  Table of Contents 2023 Q1, Q2, Q3 Overview Throughout the last couple of years and before the creation of the Pauper Format Panel (PFP), the pauper community has struggled to answer the question of whether or not Pauper is a healthy metagame. Since its creation, the PFP's goal has been to make the format enjoyable for most players and keep it balanced. As a part of it, they quickly banned some cards through 2022. R.I.P Jan 20, 2022. Atog, Bonder's Ornament, and Prophetic Prism March 7, 2022. Galvanic Relay is banned Disciple of the Vault is banned. Sept 19, 2022. Aarakocra Sneak is banned. Stirring Bard is banned. Underdark Explorer is banned. Vicious Battlerager is banned. ​ It’s also often inevitable to talk about the health of the meta without talking about bannings. While the word will trigger a mix of emotions in people (anger, anxiety, frustration, skepticism, excitement, etc.), I don’t see it as a bad word overall, if the intent is to bring a give