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Pauper Meta Report - Pauper Will NOT Change

Table of Contents Pauper Brews Pauper seems set to stay the same, with no major changes happening anytime soon. This is the message that the Pauper Format Panel (PFP) has been sending throughout the year, and the lack of ban changes on October 16th further emphasized this. Best creature in Pauper Before we dive deeper, I want to highlight a few points. My intention isn't to criticize or side with the PFP. They're simply the individuals chosen to represent the format and have the authority to make changes. The opinions in this article are solely mine, based on what I've observed as an active player in this format. They are subjective and reflect my personal viewpoint. With that clarified, let's proceed. The Facts I get why they chose not to change anything. They seem to view the paper and online environments as distinct entities rather than a unified whole. Also, it must be quite a challenge to balance the format, especially with the numerous sets relea

Pauper Meta Report - Pauper Most Enjoyable Decks to Play

Table of Contents   My favorite decks in Pauper In my latest post, I described which decks I hated playing the most and pointed out that depending on your playstyle, you will get annoyed rightfully if those became the most popular archetypes of the meta. Today, it's the other way around, as I will show you the decks I enjoy playing the most and how I perceive the meta based on those. Spoiler alert: this does not mean they are the best decks, but they are the ones I prefer playing. Black Sacrifice I generally like playing this kind of deck because it combines both the aggressive and value approaches, as your main goal is to add threats to the field that can benefit from sacrificing fodder creatures. This creates multiple lines of play that turn into craftier ways of winning games. rather than the traditional turn one Monastery Swiftspear and win. Jund Cascade As its creator, this has to be one of my favorite decks. The ability to cascade from an Annoyed Altisaur i

Pauper Meta Report - Pauper Most Hated Decks on 2023

Table of Contents Pauper Strategies I HATE the most Pauper offers a remarkable diversity of decks, evident in the multitude of archetypes it encompasses. As a result, it's only natural that some strategies are more irritating than others. Today, I'll be sharing the ones  I find  most irksome. #5. Ponza Everyone enjoys casting spells, and let's face it—losing due to mana issues is frustrating. What if your opponent prevents you from playing your spells and keeps you in a perpetual mana-screwed state? That's precisely what this deck excels at. While its rank on the list may vary for some, if you're piloting a blue deck with Spell Pierce or Counterspell, it can be less bothersome. #4. Cleansing Wildfire I hate Cleansing Wildfire, primarily because it's the sole reason Bridges are still relevant in Pauper. However, another reason is the decks that run it, like Jeskai Ephemerate. These matches tend to drag on, and when they lock you out of the game