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Pauper Meta Report - New Year, Same Meta ?

Table of Contents   First Impressions of 2024 meta First and foremost, I hope you had a fantastic end of the year and that joy and success await you in 2024. Last year was a crazy one regarding Pauper, thanks to the flux of many sets and downshifts that joined the format. While some will miss Monastery Swiftspear this year, it was a justified Ban that was very obvious after a couple of months of playing with the card, so if anything, it lasted a bit more than it should. Regardless, what does the meta look like now? Well, in two words:  The Same. You see, the problem is that Pauper, being an Eternal format (meaning cards never rotate), will only change if new cards get added or downshifted or if bans happen. On top of that, the main archetypes are already defined, with blue being a dominant color overall among the others, as it opens the doors to many strategies that are significantly different from each other. From faeries to Caw Gates to Terror, these decks have a d