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Dimir Faeries Pauper Deck Tech & Sideboard Guide

Dimir Faeries is one of the oldest decks in Pauper, and while in the past it lost some popularity while Monastery Swiftspear was around, nowadays it is back with a vengeance. Today, I will cover my preferred build, each deck card, and what has worked for me with the deck. Dimir Faeries Pauper Deck List How to Play it Dimir Faeries is a Tempo Pauper deck that relies on cheap creatures to gradually generate a card advantage to disrupt and outvalue your opponents to win you the game eventually. In the next bit, we will discuss the key creatures and their role on the deck. The Creatures While the deck has a few creatures, each has its unique role. In Faerie Seer ’s case, its primary role is to be a cheap flier with an excellent enter-the-battlefield ability to let you manipulate the top of your library. Most of the time, especially with hands with tight mana, it can help you dig further to find lands. It also has some good synergies with other cards like Brainstorm that can help