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Pauper Deck Tech & Sideboard Guide - Caw Gates

Caw Gates is one of the best decks in Pauper. It rose in popularity when Basilisk Gate was released, and it created a lot of hype in the community thanks to its cute interaction with cheap creatures with powerful keywords like Sacred Cat  . In today's Article, I will cover in depth the cards in it, sideboard options, strengths, weaknesses, and more! Table of Contents Pauper Caw Gates Decklist

Pauper Meta Report - Final week of July 2023

As we wait for Commander Masters's downshifts to be legal later this week, we see a lot of brewing, mainly on Twitter, of some new cards that are setting up high expectations in the community.  Dread Return、Spyを素出しできるように4ランドにして、基本リアニメイトで立ち回る想定でクリーチャーを切り詰めたら自由枠が7枚できた — 加糖 (@kato1850) July 24, 2023 なんかできそうだけどな — 加糖 (@kato1850) July 27, 2023 I may have underevaluated Windrider Wizard #mtgpauper — kalikaiz (saidin.raken) (@jakeAls) July 26, 2023 Where is Pauper Heading? Pauper state will definitely change in the upcoming weeks, but where? Let’s take a few steps back to understand some common archetypes. Aggro decks are typically fast-paced and proactive, aiming to end the game before opponents can set up more powerful strategies. Midrange decks seek to control the board during the early turns and then pivot to a more aggressive stance or a value-driven approach in the mid-to-late game. Control d

Pauper Meta Report - Third week of July 2023

 Commander Masters will Shake the Pauper Meta. Commander Masters's full spoiler is released, and between August 3rd and 4th, we can play with all the cards to its full potential in MTGO. For now, if you already have the cards online, you can fire practice rooms on the freeform queue. Undoubtedly, one of the most hyped cards from the set has been All That Glitters , as it represents a huge win condition for Boggles, but most notably, yet another tool for Affinity to exploit. With that in mind, here is the list of all the other cards that got downshifted to Pauper. White Red Green Artifacts Blue Black All that Glitters Blood Aspirant Crash of Rhino Beetles Brass Knuckles Cryptic Serpent Carrion Grub Ministrant of Obligation Cyclops Electromancer Crawling Infestation Campfire Filigree Attendant Demon's Disciple Myrsmith Dwarven Hammer Rot Shambler Firemind Vessel Goliath Sphinx Dread Return Spectral Grasp Guttersnipe Skysnare Spider Vulshok