Pauper Meta Report - Third week of July 2023

 Commander Masters will Shake the Pauper Meta.

Commander Masters's full spoiler is released, and between August 3rd and 4th, we can play with all the cards to its full potential in MTGO. For now, if you already have the cards online, you can fire practice rooms on the freeform queue.

Undoubtedly, one of the most hyped cards from the set has been All That Glitters, as it represents a huge win condition for Boggles, but most notably, yet another tool for Affinity to exploit. With that in mind, here is the list of all the other cards that got downshifted to Pauper.

Only time will tell how impactful these cards may be, but at least they didn't give burn new tools (unless Blood Aspirant is considered one), and despite that, All that Glitters seems like a buff to Affinity decks. It can bring other archetypes back into the menu, like Brute Squad.

Brute Squad
Here is a quick breakdown in under two minutes of the best downshifts for the format.

Its Brew Time

Players have not lost time and have started playtesting and tuning their favorite decks with these tools. In my case, I came up with this brew.

I know it dies to Relic of Progenitus, but they will need tons of them to stop the crazy barrage of creatures that it can start putting into the graveyard regularly. I played one game in the freeform room, and it felt busted!

There's a world where I can add gates or Tortex to the mix of the core idea, but only time will tell how feasible this strategy is.

Top Decks of the Week

While we wait until the new cards are legal, Here's a brief compilation of the decks and tournament lists from the week that did good and surprisingly well during the third week of July 2023.

Izzet Terror - Saturday Challenge Winner

As far as Sunday's Challenge results go, the winner is a deck with a good match against the two decks with the major assistant in the tournament, Burn and Dimir Control that also runs a main-deck hate card against Affinity.

Aside from that, there is not much to be said, as we are just a few weeks before Pauper meta shifts. I hope that what is often perceived as an online-only problem gets fixed without any help. Pauper, is yet again trying to self-correct itself thanks to supplementary sets.

Deck of the Week Award

It is surprising to see someone playing mono-green in the recent Pauper meta. Back in the day, MTGO user SacredDevil was the go-to player on this archetype, battling the top league trophy leader spot every month. However, with the popularity of affinity and the introduction of Monastery Swiftspear to the meta, the deck, like many others, has been almost forgotten into oblivion, so it's always nice to see old archetypes going 5-0 on a league.

Mono green 2023

Wrap Up

The general feeling is that Pauper will change, for good or worse, but this is definitely the breath of fresh air the format needs if no BANS, UNBANS, or other changes are coming. What is funny is that the Pauper community seems to be more excited about this set release than the Commander community. It's understandable why, as theoretically, we don't need to spend tons of extra money on cards that most likely are considered bulk among stores, and that availability is already vast.

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Where to Play Pauper?

I have compiled a list of places to play Pauper, mostly IRL. The address may vary, but it's a helpful place to start and check if some of them are near you. They may not play Pauper every day, so it's always a good idea to ask before traveling.

Where to Play Pauper?

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