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TOP 10 MTGO League Players in 2024

​ Pauper leagues are events within Magic Online's Leagues, tailored to accommodate players' schedules. Participants can engage in matches spread over multiple days or weeks, with prizes granted according to their accumulated wins. At the end of the day, results of undefeated decks are submitted thanks to Daybreak's latest update, and today, I will go over the most profitable league players as of 3/21/2024 data. *Note that Murders at Karlov Manor was released on February 9th, 2024, so at least for January, the format did not have access to Novice Inspector. #1. SpockVidaLoka (31) ​ ​ I’ve been saying this for a while, and I think this kind of probes it: UR Control is very well positioned right now. It has access to counters, and reds give access to cards such as Breath Weapon, Cast Into the Fire, and Pyroblast. This is critical since the field, overall, is dominated by aggro decks, mostly Affinity ones, and decks that try to beat them. Those decks are usually blue

Pauper Meta Report - TOP Decks of 2024 so Far

​ Pauper is currently a format dominated by robots, or so it seems. The recent buff for the Azorius Affinity Archetype, Novice Inspector, has proven to be strong in a deck that values the extra body and artifact it provides. Over the last two weeks, the upgraded versions of Affinity have risen in popularity, but the meta still sees the same contenders trying to beat the robots. Let’s take a look at the current Pauper top 10 Archetypes: Boros Synthesizer ​ For a while, Boros has been one of the most popular decks in the Format; however, it's not performing exceptionally well. It does have access to eight copies of Thraben Inspector, but the deck is significantly slower. Against decks like Golgari Gardens, it is destined to lose, and control decks can out-grind them as well. The slight advantage this deck has is access to spot removal and Dust to Dust, two things All that Glitters decks particularly hates, but dedicating too many pieces to one deck usually hurts against the m