TOP 10 MTGO League Players in 2024

Pauper leagues are events within Magic Online's Leagues, tailored to accommodate players' schedules. Participants can engage in matches spread over multiple days or weeks, with prizes granted according to their accumulated wins.

At the end of the day, results of undefeated decks are submitted thanks to Daybreak's latest update, and today, I will go over the most profitable league players as of 3/21/2024 data.

*Note that Murders at Karlov Manor was released on February 9th, 2024, so at least for January, the format did not have access to Novice Inspector.

#1. SpockVidaLoka (31)

I’ve been saying this for a while, and I think this kind of probes it: UR Control is very well positioned right now. It has access to counters, and reds give access to cards such as Breath Weapon, Cast Into the Fire, and Pyroblast.

This is critical since the field, overall, is dominated by aggro decks, mostly Affinity ones, and decks that try to beat them. Those decks are usually blue-based, which Pyroblast proves to be good against. On top of that, this deck also has access to Hydroblast, just in case you face a random Burn player.

If you are wondering about the Grixis deck, it's the same as UR Control but with a splash for Terminate.

#2. saidin.raken (30)

On the other hand, we have Kalikaiz, who is known to play mostly Familiars and Tron, so it's no surprise his trophies also reflect that. Familiars is a very time-consuming deck, especially on MTGO, so you need to have a very high clicking ability to get into this deck's loops (and also for Tron).

Like UR Control, Familiars is very well positioned against most of the meta as it has access to Dust to Dust and Hydroblast. More importantly, if it manages to set up, the deck will never run out of gas.

#3. carvs (29)

Carvs is a player known for always being at the top of the league leaderboard on MTGO. He likes to play faster decks, which is reflected by his success with mono-red. However, he will also play whatever is dominant in the format, so it’s always a good idea to catch up on what he is doing.

His second pet deck, or at least the one he has more trophies with, is Caw Gates, another deck that is very well positioned in the meta and that can run multiple colors on a UW shell thanks to the gates, allowing it to run cards like Suffocating Fumes, Pyroblast and even Open the Gates. The only downside with this deck is that matches will take some time to finish.

#4. Selkcahs (26)

With more or less the same history as with Carvs, Selkcahs prefers to play Mono Red decks in leagues but has also shown to play a very wide range of others. Together, he adds up to 11 trophies within six archetypes, which is something I personally like as I usually get bored by playing the same deck. Still, that’s a story for another time.

#5. DenisevichAlexey (23)

Jeskai Ephemerate, the only deck where Cleansing Wildfire, the lone reason on why Bridges hasn’t disappeared, has also had good results against the meta. The deck functions similar to Familiars, but with a less oriented combo approach and more of a Control one.

Ramping and drawing a card for two mana is nice, but what this deck suffers is that the collateral damage from affinity being dominant also hits it. As such, it can suffer from cards like Revoke Existence, Cast into The Fire, and Dust to Dust.

#6. newbarola (22)

Speaking of Affinity, it feels weird that no one from the top five players has had major usage of it, but it also makes some kind of sense as Novice Inspector is still relatively new.

Regardless, Newbarola is doing a great job testing different versions of the deck and getting undefeated results with it. As it seems, the Azorius version is by far the better one from a results-oriented perspective.

#7. Parallax (21)

Parallax is another player known for using grindy decks. While in the past, I've seen him play different versions of Tron decks, nowadays, he seems to have found his niche in Jeskai Ephemerate and Golgari Gardens.

#8. Boquinha (19)

Speaking of commitment on a single deck, Boquinha is doing a great job at mastering the elves' class. The deck is not bad at all, and the only time I played it, with zero prior experience, I went on a 4-1 streak as it's one that can get under decks like Familiars with relative ease. The big downside is that it is very susceptible to board wipes like Breath Weapon, but that still can be patched by siding in some hydroblast, and overall, it's not as bad as people may think, but at the same time, people avoid playing it for some reason.

#9. Beicodegeia (18)

While his main focus is on winning challenges, Beicodegeia always does a good job at playing Pauper Leagues from time to time. For the major part of this year, he’s been having good results with Dimir Faeries, but lately, he also has managed to get consecutive trophies with the deck that got buffed thanks to Novice Inspector: Glitters Affinity.

#10. Nmt-LaContea (16)

Last but not least, we got Nmt-LaContea, a player who likes to play slower games and has mastered the Caw Gates course. Not much to mention about the deck itself, as we already covered it Briefly, but it is notable that he is the player who has the most trophies with the archetype from the top 10.

Honorable Mention - LuffyDoChapeuDePalha (16)

LuffyDoChapeuDePalha is a player who, in the past, has been known to play mostly Grixis Affinity versions, but if he is not doing it right now, it gives me the signal that the deck has been underperforming recently. That, or he prefers to play faster decks like Mono Red and call it a day.

Top 10 Meta Round-Up

Excluding the Honorable mention, here is what the top 10 meta spread looks like.

These are the decks that had the highest conversion rate on MTG Pauper leagues. While it's no surprise that Mono Red is at the top because it enables faster matches, I can see why UR is good in the meta despite being mainly represented by just one person.

I will revisit this again in three months to see how the meta evolves, but the data is what is shown for now. Place your bets in the comments to see who will have the most trophies at the end of the Year.

Wrap Up

Thanks for reading up until now! If you enjoyed this kind of content, please do let me know!

Until next time, take care, and we will meet again with more Pauper content soon.

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