Top 10 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Cards for MT Pauper

Outlaws of Thunder Junction (OTJ) is around the corner, and Today, I have listed the top 10 common cards from it that could see play in Pauper.

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When is Outlaws of Thunder Junction release date?

Outlaws of Thunder Junction is a set designed with a Wild West theme.

This new set will be globally released on April 19th, 2024.

What are the new Mechanics of OTJ?

    This set will introduce three new mechanics to the game:

    • Saddle
    • Spree
    • Plot


    Saddle is a new keyword ability that is basically like Vehicles for creatures. When you Saddle a creature, you will get a bonus based on the card with it.

    Is it Pauper playable, you may wonder? Probably not, as neither is Crew, and creatures are easier to remove than artifacts anyway.


    Spree is the second keyword introduced in the set found on instants and sorceries. It grants instants and sorceries modality in a very similar way to escalate. As for Pauper Goes, some cards have it, like Phantom Interference or Explosive Derailment, but none are particularly impressive.


    Lastly, Plot is the new Mechanic that lets you cast a spell for free in later turns by paying its plot cost instead at sorcery speed. While it's similar to both foretell and suspend, it has some decent potential in the format, with some cards we will discuss in a few. With that said, let's dive right into them.

    Highway Robbery

    While it's not impressive at first, this card has some high potential in Storm builds. It can be played on a turn to add to your storm count later in the game, where you don’t need many lands.

    This can be used to win with cards like Kessig Flamebreather or Firebrand Archer to win the game out of nowhere in one turn.

    Seize the Secrets

    Seize the Secrets is a card that could be paired with the removal to reduce its costs. Snuff Out is particularly good when combined with it, but it has a long way to go before it can battle other card draw spells, like Deep Analysis.

    Holy Cow

    I honestly don’t think Holy Cow will be used in Pauper, but it's here because of all the pun potential it may have.

    Tumbleweed Rising

    Tumbleweed Rising is a card with potential, but you have to get creative. Of course, you can use cheap cards with strong base powers like Nested Sentinel and pair it with Rancor to create a four-four for two mana.

    However, you can also put it in your serpentine curve deck to create a bigger creature, or with a Tolarian Terror for a five-five, or, hear me out, with a huge Glimmer Bairn that has grown for the turn.

    Mystical Tether

    Mystical Tether, on the other hand, is somewhat of an upgraded version of Oblivion Ring. Its drawback is that it can only hit Artifacts or creatures, with the upside that you can cast it at instant speed by paying two more mana.

    Damage Lands

    The new cycle of dual lands is a fine addition for aggro decks that run more than one color. It may surprise an opponent by dealing the final points of damage, pair nicely with bounce lands, and, god forbid, it could be the new win condition for familiars as they go off.

    Mourner's Surprise

    On the other hand, Mourner's Surprise has its place in decks that want to return creatures, normally fodders, from the graveyard to your hand, with the upside of creating a body on the field as it resolves.

    It’s nice to have some new fodder creatures, and Nezumi Linkbreaker is the perfect addition for decks like Monoblack Sacrifice to make a comeback in the meta.

    Vault Plunderer

    The “new” Phyrexian Rager has a few relevant features. It can also target your opponents to deal some final points of damage or be blinked endlessly to mill and kill them.

    Freestrider Commando

    Freestrider Commando is a card that has the community divided, as some claim it to be a new Gurmag Angler when paired with the likes of Unearth, but others say it just dies to Snuff Out. Regardless, with enough creativity, you can use other cards to cast it for free, as in the case of Cascade or other reanimation spells

    Wrap Up

    These are some of the commons I saw that have a niche or potential to be part of the current MTG Pauper Meta.

    Honorable mention for the new Reckless Lackey, and I hope it also finds a decent home in the metagame.

    Thanks for reading up until now, and we will meet again in later Pauper articles!

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