TOP MTGO Challenge Players in 2024

Pauper Challenges are events within Magic Online's Challenges that occur at a fixed time at the end of each week. Thanks to Daybreak's latest update, results are submitted once these events are finished.

Today, I will go over the most profitable Challenge players as of 4/16/2024 data for 2024. One important note is that players usually split the finals, so for this article’s purpose, I will highlight the players with both first and second-place finishes combined.


It is no surprise that he is at the top of this list. I’ve known Hamuda for a very long time, and his decision-making process is excellent. Whenever I want to master a deck, he is the guy I want to go and watch. In 2024, he has achieved large success with Goblins, most commonly known as Moggwarts, a deck that aims to combo your opponents with Kirk Prospector, Putrid Goblin, and First Day of Class. This deck is one of his favorites, and I’ve been seeing him win multiple challenges with it since forever, so it's no surprise that he is succeeding with it. His other trophy is a single Dimir Control deck, but we will highlight why this one is also important when we get to wrap up.


Next on the list, and tied for the first place, is Mogged, a very well-known MTGO grinder and former Pro Tour competitor like Hamuda. Unlike him, Mogged has mixed his Challenge wins by using multiple decks, such as Dimir Control, Dimir Faeries, and Grixis Control. While all share the same color palette, for the most part, they are very different in play patterns, so we can infer that he is a true master of the game and many archetypes.


That said, the Faerie master is, without a doubt, Beicodegeia. His name is always atop challenges every year, and he is also starting strong this one. He currently owns 26 trophies in leagues, 19 of which have been with Dimir Faeries.


I have yet to have the pleasure to meet these last two entries, most of their success, but Purgatory_01 is the one name that resonates with me the most as I see in Pauper leagues with 15 in his belt at the time of this article. While they have shown similarities in challenge deck choices with Mogged, Purgatory has more decks in their arsenal, as we can see in league results, where Caw-Gates and Azorius Glitters are the decks he has the most trophies with.


Last but not least, we got Totemsilence, a player whose success has been with decks such as Orzhov and Boros Synthesizer, some unique decks that are nowhere to be seen in the rest of the top four contestants.

While they lack league data, their record on leagues is very solid, with two more third places with Orzhov Midrange for an overall 88% conversion rate in the top 32 places across eight challenge entries, which is a very good record, if you ask me.

Wrap Up

While these numbers may seem like little at first, winning challenges is not easy, considering that each hosts around 50 to 70 people.

What I wanted to bring is which decks they choose for challenges as part of their contribution to each player’s success.

Notably, decks with Snuff Out have a higher conversion rate than decks without it, as is the case with Dimir Faeries and its Control counterpart.

This number aligns with the total number of decks that finished first or second overall in this 2024 Challenge Meta.

The bottom line is that if I were to take down a challenge, either of the above decks would be fine, especially the Dimir ones, as they have a direct response to Glitters if they tap out in the form of Snuff Out.

The Synthesizer effect is interesting, as it is a deck that can run Pyroblast against the blue decks that appear to dominate, has the best exile effects for artifacts, and also can run the best card in Pauper right now, as it is All that Glitters.

Thanks for reading up until now; I hope this was insightful. If you are looking forward to Pauper's content, here’s my YouTube channel for you to enjoy!

Take care, and we will meet up again in my next post.

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